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Anastasia’s 3 Step Partnership Programs

Anastasia Free Off Grid Sustainable Resources for Global Change via Local Baby Steps:

 Millions of expert hours invested by many experts since 2005 +hundreds of projects successfully built by the experts in our development team + $2.8 million US dollars invested in prior project which serve as assets and momentum towards your own Anastasia all inclusive Sustainable Community. The following list of tools – resources & technology is the engine that empowers the business package which you are about to receive. Keep in mind that it is the cumulative synergy of everything discussed on this introduction which is currently giving us the amazing results that we now enjoy. None of the tools n resources alone could provide the results that we all share together as a team.

  1. The tools and resources that you are about to engage will position your community on TOP of PAGE #1 of GOOGLE within approximately 24 hours!
  2. Anastasia is NOT charging you a single cent to support your sustainable cause to benefit humanity and planet together in accordance with Anastasia NDNC – Confirmation – Exam Screening Agreement
  3. Once we receive your agreements and you are approved, you will receive a free Anastasia Community Start up Package valued easily at $250,000 to promote “your community”  and build/train your development team.
  4. If used correctly your start up package carries with the seeds to generate many $Millions of dollars to help yourself and others. You will be supported by Anastasia each and every step from start to finish. We also provide your team with valuable tools, training and resources to be owners of many businesses and profit centers within your own Anastasia community, including resources, lands, businesses, and profit centers Click here to read our core story.
  5. Once your team is firmly established you will become certified in our intensive online business training, and we will support your community throughout the entire development process with actual experience, engineering, architecture, expert preliminary studies, permitting, legal, p.r, marketing, sales components, site visits, construction, project management, vertical farming, aquaponics, taxation, mass media, etc.
  6. Anastasia is providing you with everything mentioned in our no start up costs business package, and only requires that you reciprocate when sales actually begin at 10% minimum basis on all sales to further “The Cause”, yet there is much to be done before we get to that wonderful point or maturity in our community partnership
  7. That’s not all, Anastasia also gives you the following list of resources to position your community on page #1 of Google within approximately 24 hours!
  8. We have 9 million+ email contacts currently being programmed into our servers
  9. We have our own proprietary email servers with flexible hosting as needed
  10. We provide you with three campaign niches to engage into at your pace
    • Sustainable Housing niche has 55 specific campaigns
    • Investors niche has 7 campaigns
    • Current events niche has 7 campaigns
  1. Anastasia Radio Station (scheduled to launch March 2012)
  2. Online Stores for Off Grid Sustainability (scheduled to launch April 2012) 
  3. Off Grid Sustainability Employment Agency (scheduled to launch March 2012)
  4. Free “Off Grid” Training and Leadership Trainning
  5. Free Resource Sharing – Investments – Donations (scheduled to launch March 2012)
  6. Anastasia Healing Society (scheduled to launch 2016)
  7. Anastasia Software & Anastasia Labs
  8. Technology – Resource Sharing
  9. Recycling & Waste/Resource Conversion Management
  10. In-house sustainable construction company
  11. Off the grid building experts
  12. One highly optimized Main web site
  13. Sixty eight highly optimized web sites with specific niches
  14. Sixty nine Blogs with specific niches
  15. Very targeted automated email marketing with follow up email systems
  16. 6,885+ internal links for high rank search results
  17. 25,000+ external back links from other sites
  18. Global endorsements from related web sites around the world
  19. Analytics for our web sites for reporting purposes
  20. Share Analytics for our web site share buttons activity for monitoring and reporting purposes
  21. YouTube Analytics for reporting purposes
  22. Google Campaign Management for advertising and reporting purposes
  23. SEO
  24. Search engine registration
  25. SEM
  26. SMM
  27. RSS
  28. Press relaeses
  29. News media coverage
  30. Public relations
  31. Marketing plans
  32. Online Video Production
  33. Video and YouTube Marketing  with specific niches
  34. FaceBook highly optimized with a very large audience of approximately 1,000,000+ prospective audience via 7,000 groups as friends on Multiple FaceBook accounts  with specific niches
  35. Twitter is also highly Optimized  with specific niches
  36. YouTube Channel is highly optimized  with specific niches
  37. Online Anastasia Sustainable Business School Training
  38. Engineering includes, structural, civil, electrical, mechanical, and topographical
  39. Architecture design experts
  40. Preliminary studies experts
  41. Onsite sales support
  42. Complimentary site visits
  43. Legal department
  44. Three hundred+ land acres for various sustainable communities
  45. Infrastructure includes rough roads, water, electricity, permits, recorded home sites, master plans, floor plans, home models, custom finishes

#2. Off Grid Sustainable Leadership Training is available online 24/7 including Anastasia’s “The Cause off grid sustainable radio:

To help you launch “your” off the grid sustainability contribution to humanity and planet

  • We do not promote a pain; fear, anger, hate, victim nor welfare state of beings. We promote love; honor, and everything life giving
  • Nothing is easy these days, we can help you, yet only you can realize your sustainable project’s success. Your success obviously depends on your own diligence and many other factors.

#3. Anastasia Free Off Grid Sustainability Start Package

  • Your Web Site and Blog is built on WordPress = www.xxxxxxx.com
    • Your business package will use your own phone # and email address
    • Admin access = anastasiaestates.net/wp-admin
    • user = XXXXXXXXXXXXX
    • your password = XXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • Your Automated Email Marketing is hosted by Aweber
    • It is already active
    • Already has various followup emails programmed to cover your next 30 days
    • Set up and configuration is complete
    • You will be given programming access after you have completed full training
  • Your Social Media:
    • It is already active
    • Already has friends, followers, views, etc
    • Set up and configuration is complete
    • You will be given programming access after you have completed full training
    • Is leveraged among your team to allow you to reach a larger audience
  • FaceBook
    • Reaches approximately 2,000,000 indirectly via your +8,000 existing groups (friends) in our FB accounts
    • Our goal is to reach 5,000 friends in each of our FB accounts  & +2,000,000 likes on our “The Cause” page
  • Twitter
    • Password = XXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • YouTube
    • Password = XXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • Consolidating media platforms & Automating posts according to specific keywords
    • URL: http://ping.fm/dashboard/
  • Conference calling
    • This is for your use with clients &/or meetings
    • Call in # (218) 632-0748
    • Password = XXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • Google Adwords account

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