Profit sharing Anastasia communities

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Home owners  at Anastasia receive disbursement dividends, your payouts forecast equal the amount to pay your home in full. Anastasia Estates shares profits with its home owners from various revenue streams; including overall sales within corporation and subsidiaries on a profitability basis.

  • Profit Sharing – Organic food sales from our onsite farm in each community
  • Profit Sharing – Organic food sales from our grocery store in each community
  • Profit Sharing - Local & Eco Tourism is networked by all our communities
  • Profit Sharing - Resort Hotel Services and Accommodations is networked by all our communities
  • Profit Sharing – Spa services
  • Profit Sharing – Home based businesses
  • Many more positive income opportunities available
  • Our communities manage various cash flows to accommodate external obligations and to meet internal needs within communities; including an internal currency which offers equal compensation for time worked within our communities regardless of position or title.
  • We do this as an example to humanity and planet, to end exploitation and corruption such as one human being getting paid $50 daily to take care of your kids while attorneys or consultants get paid $5000 daily to destroy your competition or fellow man.
  • Employment and income opportunities within our community are as follows:
    • We have our own employment agency specializing in “off grid – sustainability”
    • There are many jobs and income opportunities for those of you that are open minded to online skills and remote office, or work at home employment.
    • We also have convenient onsite business amenities to support your remote businesses.
    • There are brick n mortar jobs and opportunities surrounding our communities
    • There are employment opportunities within our Anastasia Kins Domains communities
    • Recurring Monthly Revenue Per each Sale = $50 (example: 30 memberships = $1,500 monthly recurring) 

    • Standard Home Sales Compensation is 5% broker splits = $5,000 on a $100,000 sale (example: 30 home sales = $150,000.00 commissions)
    • Small loan programs under $30,000 available for you as lender and/or borrower
    • We also assist you in gaining an additional $962.50 monthly from above mentioned $150,000 either as mortgagor or by depositing in a Costa Rica CD at 7.7%
    • 0% capital gains
    • Offshore permanent resident status to protect your assets and avail medical benefits
    • Offshore tax haven to protect your assets
    • Jobs related to our – organic food sales from our onsite farm
    • Jobs related to our - Local & Eco Tourism
    • Jobs related to our - Resort Hotel Services and Accommodations
    • Click here if you have not yet seen Anastasia Costa Rica’s onsite pictures

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