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10% is donated to help humanity in any area that you select below.
Anastasia does not make a single cent on any of these services.
Earn 10,000 Points to Shop With a Cause or Donate…

(We are currently seeking someone to build and manage our online store)

  1. Restaurants: Order Hot Delicious Food for Yourself or Others in All 50 States
  2. Nutrition and Vitamins:
  3. Health:
  4. Communications:
  5. Business to Business:
  6. Personal:
  7. Residential: electrical, construction, painting, cleaning, etc
  8. Energy: Clean Solar Energy, Zero Emission Alternative Energy
  9. Promotional Items: Shirt, caps, pens, cups, bumper stickers
  10. Printing: Business Cards; Holiday Cards, Letterhead, All Print Needs
  11. Education and Training: Online training, CD’s, e-Books, Universities
  12. Technology: Web sites, software, SMMVideo, SEO, Google, Marketing, etc
  13. Services: Tax, legal, engineering, etc
  14. Small loans: Programs
  15. Travel:
  16. Offshore International:
  17. Investments:
  18. Affordable Homes with Full Financing – 500,000 points


As a member of the 99% Anastasia will match each $10 Donation with 1,000 Points towards Winning New Home -Life Needs – Essentials – Profit Shares at Anastasia. Never Again Become Indented to The Greedy 1%

Click Here To Donate to a Specific Person, Group, or Cause

Anastasia Estates Employment and Income Opportunities

  1. Standard Home Sales Compensation = $5,000 (example: 30 home sales = $150,000.00 commissions)
  2. Recurring Monthly Revenue Per each Sale = $50 (example: 30 home sales = $1,500 monthly recurring)
  3. We also assist you in gaining an additional $962.50 monthly from above mentioned $150,000 either as mortgagor or by depositing in a Costa Rica CD at 7.7%
  4. 0% capital gains
  5. Offshore permanent resident status to protect your assets and avail medical benefits
  6. Offshore tax haven to protect your assets
  7. Many more income opportunities available…

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