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The 1978 vision given unto Anastasia’s founder of an “All Inclusive Tree of Life” symbolizes “All Inclusive Off Grid Sustainable Communities” that share & create wealth from within. Thereby ending poverty and greed based corruption wherever Anastasia “All Inclusive Tree of Life” communities are birthed. Anastasia communities default as safe havens in the event of worse economics or political unrest. Life is All Inclusive – You are All Inclusive – Anastasia is All Inclusive http://anastasiakinsdomains.com/anastasia-profit-sharing/

In 1978 a young man named Joseph was given a recurring dream of how sustainable abundance would one day help the masses. Needless to say, he did not fully understand the economic and global significance till 33 years later. Thus “Anastasia Estates All Inclusive” formed in him like a seed till the world was ready, and in need of everything that the 1978 vision offered, much like many multiple Noah’s arks for humanity today. In 2005 Joseph started developing a partial version of “The Tree of Life vision”, that project  received congressional endorsement, numerous entitlements, and news coverage for sustainable creativity. However the 2008 economic crash… crushed his first project into loss. Worse yet January 9, 2010 days before his birthday Joseph suffered a fatal accident while driving down a steep mountain en route to visit properties. Joseph and Jose Gabriel Corrales (head of public relations) died. As Joseph crossed into “The Light” he saw important key components and aspects of his “Anastasia – 1978 Tree of Life vision”. Afterwards Joseph was brought back to life and today he works 24/7 to complete the “Anastasia Estates” vision he received in 1978

Today, the masses are crying out for what h offers, and you is vision offers to humanity and planet, and investors and community members alike are welcome to join our amazing off grid sustainable communities. Our growth is attributed to word of mouth advertising and being important to people’s lives! Our cause is about servicing the most devout and zealous 99% customer base in the world. Our strong customer base yields safe and generous return to investors, plus dignity and quality of life to the 99% as well.

Why are Anastasia Estate’s community members such fanatics? Keep in mind that when people are hungry or in the event of an economic collapse no one will eat a bar of gold, actual cash or even stock certificates. Anastasia on the other hand is providing solutions to droves of people and retirees seeking quality of life, and asset protection. Additionally Anastasia is a primary source of life basics to it’s members. Each Anastasia community member is zealous about Anastasia because he/she benefits by the overall success of any Anastasia Estates community by all means. Take a minute to let that sink in and do the math, OK? Anastasia community members “fans” are almost as fanatic as the Green Bay Packer’s community of fans, because our fans lives depend directly and are nourished by being significant fans of Anastasia Estates All Inclusive…

If you do your due diligence you will see an enormous amount of attractions and benefits for community members. Investors will see investment protection; exit options, collateral guarantee as the foundation of this private offering and investment tax haven.

Recapping, after his life and death experience Joseph was bed ridden eleven painful months, yet he counts it all joy due to the enlightenment he received about how his 1978 vision of “Anastasia’s All Inclusive Tree of Life” was meant as a blue print for humanity today. From the crash and from the fire “Joseph” finally understood and defined how the vision given unto him as a child would help humanity and planet. Today, Anastasia Estates is positioned to help people all life’s needs including amenities and economics within our communities.

As far as profitability is concerned, while Joseph healed in bed, some developers copied parts of his initial all inclusive concept and are currently earning $millions using “just a few” of Joseph’s sustainability ideas!

Fortunately, Joseph reserved the best for last! Today he is still the creative force yet in a supportive non majority role. His experienced team is rebuilding The American Dream to new levels using Joseph’s dream of providing life’s needs – amenities and profit sharing within the community itself.

For example:

  1. Home ownership starts at 15% deposit and balance is financed direct by Anastasia Estates
    • (no qualification needed – we reserve the right to refuse anyone for community purposes)
  2. $995 monthly home payment includes:

As for preparation, the vision started in 1978, and the project boasts seven years of expert work, and $2.8 million invested in prior project. Everything is in place including buyers, realtors, and scheduled visits from capable buyers.

As for the economic crash of 2008, Joseph honors friends and former partners that suffered losses in the crash as he did. His new company and operating agreement state clearly that his own profits will be used to reimburse losses of the crash and to help humanity in whole as sales forecasts for each Anastasia Estates community is approximately $10 million US offering exit options; generous return on investment and collateral guarantee.

In closing, our vision requires a qualified partner. We welcome your due diligence in getting to know us and our vision. We are looking for the right fit in terms of partners, and reserve the right to refuse any offers. Our communities forecast $10 million gross sales, and we offer exit options; generous return on investment and collateral guarantee 310 613-8575

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