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Anastasia Estates Canada – All Inclusive Makes Your Dreams Come True:

  1. 100% Simplified Home Ownership – Approved Financing – All Inclusive Resort Living
  2. Home Ownership Automatically Provides Shared Businesses and Profit SHARING
  3. Profit SHARING is For Purposes of Paying your Homes and Youthful retirement
  4. This month click below for complimentary site visit to reserve preferred home & view
Are you considering YOUTHFUL RETIREMENT in an Affordable - Sustainable - Profit SHARING – All Inclusive Ocean View Community?
Let’s start with a simple question, do you remember teaching your kids to share… and do you remember your parents teaching you to share?
Now consider the obvious… why is the lesson of SHARING so important that it’s been passed down since history, and consider where your life as an individual is… right here and now? 
…and last but not least, think back on any success story that you can imagine, and you’ll see that SHARING and team work principals were present throughout history by all success stories in one way shape or form.
Regardless of current local and global conditions, SHARING and TEAMWORK are the keys to building effective sustainable lifestyles.
Welcome to Anastasia Estates All Inclusive; a Sustainable Profit SHARING Community..
The purpose for this video and web site is about much more than selling a product, rather we want to SHARE tools and assets to harness YOUR successes & failures via Anastasia’s Sustainable Profit SHARING Communities with hard assets to back you; just as I and many others have contributed and are growing an amazing Sustainable Profit SHARING Community which we call Anastasia Estates All Inclusive. Two men have contributed hundreds of acres, architectural, engineering, others contributed legal, accounting, marketing, permitting, organic farming, business planning, public relations, marketing, rough roads, water, electricity, infrastructure, home site segregation and legal recording, floor plans, home models to choose from, etc. This has been a long process and everything is now in place to launch the most amazing affordable and sustainable resort community of our day. Take a look at our site and visit us, we’d love to be your neighbor! We launch Anastasia Estates on January 9th, 2012 and our Sustainable Profit SHARING Communities intend to:
  1. Revive and expand your dreams
  2. Pay your homes in full
  3. Generate incomes, jobs, and retirement income
  4. and to help humanity and planet

We are not pretending a utopia community, just one that’s Sustainable and Profit SHARING, and the key is in baby steps; SHARING, and WORKING TOGETHER as any CEO of their own dreams and passions, within a supportive environment to achieve small and achievable goals and strategies.Picture yourself as two separate persons living two separate lives and write out what you see:

  1. your person #1 is the typical pre-2012 person with 100% ownership; costs and liabilities in your name signed as NONSHARING ALL ALONE. Your name is on everything yet the banks take it all away when you stop making your payments
    1. home as consumer
    2. car as consumer
    3. items as consumer
    4. etc as consumer
  2. your person #2 thinks significantly different, costs and liabilities are legally and intelligently designed by you to minimize risk and maximize growth! And you own and sign as SHARING CEO
    1. you spend less yet you SHARE ownership in endless possibilities
    2. part owner of local farm
    3. part owner of local store
    4. part owner of local hotel
    5. part owner of local businesses
    6. part owner of local profit centers
    7. Job creation, income opportunities, and retirement incomes
    8. part owner of your own community
    9. 100% owner of your own home in your name yet it get’s paid  for by PROFIT SHARES within your own Sustainable Profit SHARING Community
  3. Now imagine walking away from being a consumer forever in debt and simply moving on to becoming debt free; living your passions and becoming the person you always wanted to be.

Just to set the record straight, Anastasia Estates Sustainable Profit SHARING Communities are amazing, we each get our own home 100% in our name, plus the businesses, profit centers, and food supplies are SHARED by us as responsible OWNERS.

Thank you for your valuable time, I will personally respond to all your questions and comments in our sign up form on the right side. … and visit our main web site at www.AnastasiaKinsDomains.com or click on any link below:

  1. Anastasia facilitates Youthful Retirement as is Today
  2. Congressional Endorsement
  3. All Inclusive Life Needs and Amenities
  4. Pricing and Financing
  5. International / offshore advantages
  6. Complimentary vacation site visits to choose your home site, model home, finishes
  7. Video – Onsite Pictures at Anastasia Estates

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29 thoughts on “Welcome Home! Read Carefully and Click Links Below

  1. Want to reverse the wealth of the greedy 1%? Make “Yourself and The 99%” owners of your own life needs and essentials!

    Visit our site to equip you to “give yourself” Profit Sharing; Non-Qualify Finance, and reduce your total monthly costs (for home; jobs, food, utilities, amenities, and transportation) to approximately $1,000 monthly total. Your own profit sharing will pay your new home in full and disposable income can far exceed your monthly costs!

    The reason this sounds crazy is because you were programmed to slave for the greedy 1%, yet you are no longer alone! Reverse the debt and distribute the 99% wealth with your life’s combined wealth help to you and your loved ones as a member of “We The 99%”
    Effective immediately we have launched a “How To” Holiday Home Give Away as incentive for you to understand and share a menu list of resources to reclaim The American Dream and Live Debt Free today! http://www.DebtFree2012.org

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  5. It was excited to come across your site a short while ago. I arrived here today hoping to learn interesting things. I was not upset. Your well thought out ideas with new strategies on this subject matter were enlightening and a great help to me. Thank you for making time to create these things and for sharing your mind.

    • Thank you as well, I read your blog and find you quite informative as well. Stay tuned and feel free to link our sites for cross promotions


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